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is gay or the mechanic who toos your taxes or -- who does your taxes or who fixes your car? tim cook argued, we found that when people feel valued for who they are, they have the comfort and confidence to do the best work of their lives. all 55 democrats and at least five republicans in this senate support this bill so it is likely it will get the 60 votes needed to pass. it's doubtful the republican- controlled house will sign on. in washington, i'm kyla campbell, back to you. >>> san francisco police hope a surveillance photo will help them find a missing brazilian sturnt. the photo was taken on halloween on 16th in the mission. it shows a man using a credit card belonging to 23-year-old paulo netto. several days earlier, his mother and sister say they received a panicked call from netto who has been missing for a work and he says people were following him and he was in trouble. >>> police in davis are investigating what appears to be an attempt to blow up a fraternity house. students reported smealing gas around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and investigators determined that someone ha
their taxes and half of them have a top secret clearance, the american people ought to be asking what in the world is going on. >> he says tax debt makes these people vulnerable to being offered money or blackmailed into divulging government secrets. >>> exciting news for many airline passengers who will soon be able to use electronic devices during an entire flight, this comes after the faa made a major change in policy. kyla campbell explains the new rules and the reason behind the change. >> reporter: based on these new faa rules soon when you fly out of sfo and have your cell phone or tablet you will be able to keep them on for the majority of your flight. the faa said a group study showed most portable electronic devices did not interfere with aircraft navigation systems. the faa now approves passenger using tablets and those for the majority of flights. >> i like to listen to music when i am taking off it kind of eases the whole take off process so it will be nice. >> before now it allowed electronic devices usually only above 10,000 feet. there are still some exceptions, you ca
can keep your plan. this is not a minor pledge. it's like the first president bush saying no new taxes in 1990 and 1988. he broke that pledge and he had the honesty to say he was. millions of people will lose it, at least 15 million including people in the small business community. >> we'll get to that. let's stay with the idea of the pledge. dr. emanuel "the wall street journal" reported that you were part of a debate in the white house about this claim. that you can keep your plan or your doctor is misleading. let me ask the question. on megan kelly's show this week, you blamed the insurance companies. >> if an insurance company decided they're going to change how they structure the plan, that's not the government, that's the business. >> but doctor, the obama care law demands they change their plans. >> first of all, i want to say the president takes very seriously what i -- it goes back to what i said and make sure we're consistent with this. when we passed the law, any law that existed before passed would be dprandfathered in unless lots of changes were made. we have to middle age
. based on its expected ipo price, there is a new report twitter will save $55 million in taxes because of the deal with the city of san francisco. >>> the world series now a tie at 2 a piece. johnny born and raised in petalunma. they beat the cardinals 4-2 last night. >> i was fortunate enough to put a swing on a good pitch. >> game 5 of the world serious tonight you can see that game right here on channel 2. coverage begins at 4:30 >>> hundreds of business leaders will be joining warrior fans for a special event in downtown san francisco. they will attend the first warrior tip off lunch. warriors are teaming up with the san francisco chamber of commerce for this event promoting the bay area's pro basketball team. the warriors begin this week. they plan to move to a new arena by 2017. >> the latest investigation involving a bay area nursing home and workers walking out. we'll have a report for you. >>> we are live in san jose where police are on the scene of a deadline accident. we have the latest information on the investigation. >>> high winds. cameras in effect near 880. we have mor
or the accountant who does your taxes or the mechanic who fixes your car? the president encouraged lawmakers to pass the legislation. >>> and tim cook the ceo of apple is also urging passing this. he writes in the wall street journal that "when people feel valued for who they are, they have the comfort and confidence to do the best work of their life." >>> 7:16. new in egypt this morning, former egyptian prod, mohamed morsi appeared in fourth for theist -- president, mohamed morsi appeared in court for the first time since he was removed from power. he says he's the legitimate leader and the court has no jurisdiction to put him on trial. the trial was adjourned until january. he's in a secret location while awaiting his trial. he could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> a man from mish twin claims he -- michigan claims he tipped off the fbi where to find osama bin laden. now he wants to be paid the $25 million reward. tom lee, he's an international jewelry marketer, says he told the fbi bin laden was hiding in pakistan in 2003. the fbi says bin laden's location was found using electronic intell
. pushed back six weeks to now march 31st. previously it was mid february. the tax penalties under the overall and it is only good for 2014. >>> the family of a teen shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy says they want justice for their son's death. what they said about the consequences that deputy could face. >> from the kitchen to the courtroom. why he was on the witness stand today in the north bay. >> there is a frost advisory for parts of the bay area tonight. i'll let you know if it includes your backyard. >>> continuing coverage on the shooting death of a teen-ager by a share river adeputy. as community out rage over that killing continues to grow. we're hearing for the first time today the name of the sheriff's deputy who shot that teen. she joins is with the site of the vigil. alley. >> reporter: people in the community have been coming to this site all afternoon. they have been leaving behind and eling, flowers and balloons. i spoke with andy afather. he didn't want to talk on camera, but high wants justice for his son's death. when i asked what justice means for him, he
estate tax who assist homeowners in trouble say there's lots of reasons. >> not saying it's not possible, but you know they just get beating down by the system and that the guidelines are so strict that they really can't qualify. >> you get a flat rate to work with a consumer. >> reporter: the green lining institute says helping homeowners to work through mountains of applications requires help from experienced counselors who the treasury does not pay enough to do all the work. >> they don't actually have a real plan of action for how to compensate or adequately compensate. the direct line of commune -- commune case -- communication and help the community get to where they need. >> reporter: that's just one of many funds in the state and other states and nationally that simply are failing to get the money where it's truly needed. >> a lot of these programs are created by agencies that have no connection to real communities. unfortunately that outreach and the implementation just has been missing. >> reporter: and that is costing lots of homes. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> under
introduced a new soda tax. that's a 24-cent tax on a typical can of soda or $35 million a year for san francisco. the money would be used for health programs for children. it would need a majority work from supervisors to get on the ballot. >>> the san francisco based company added a kittens option to its app. for $20 people can order up a kitten for 15 minutes. the kitten service was available from 7:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. the kittens could also be permanently adopted. the money will be donated to local shelters. >>> and we'll have the latest on what community members say need to happen for this community to heal. >>> plus concerns about covered california. we talk to residents who say the new health care plan is nothing like what was promised. >>> the outrage over the death of a sonoma county teen is growing tonight as hundreds rally for justice. we're asking local leaders what they're doing to gain back the community's trust. 13-year-old sandy lopez was killed by sheriff deputy one week ago today. and tonight his friends and family are gathering for his funeral.
-cent per ounce tax on sodas and sugary drinks is now before san francisco's supervisors. the soda tax would raise an estimated $31 million a year. the money would be earmarked for nutrition, health and physical fitness programs. small business owners say it could hurt their bottom line. others call it manny government and say they should be able to drink whatever they want. >>> homeless advocates stage a protest today. homeless advocates say the proposal is an attempt to criminalize homeless people. weiner introduced the measure. officials with rec and park say vandalism and dumps cost the city about $900,000 a year. the board of supervisors had to postpone a vote on the curfew late this afternoon because police chief greg suhr had to leave the meeting. >>> this evening people went to the shoreline for a candlelight vigil. at least 181 people died. many of them drowned in their own home from the storm surge. today the jersey shore still bears bear -- bares the mark of the destruction. property damages were estimated at $65 billion. >>> a cool night in store, again tonight there's a f
sold. the proceeds of the tax would pay for health, nutrition and activity programs for city youth supervisor weiner thinks the majority of voters would support the tax because it would benefit children. >>> the change in weather here in the bay area is bringing snow to the sierra. brian hickey is in kingsville where snow has been falling most of the morning. >> reporter: take a look behind me at individual -- king yale. we have 4 to 5 inches. folks come up to the chain patrol, many unprepared for the winter driving conditions. we have seen big rig drivers, having to turn around and head back down the mountain because they didn't come up with chains. and a lot of drivers doing the same. drivers can buy chains from the chain installers at a hefty brice. if you have plans to commissary between now and does -- come to the sierra between you and tuesday morning, bring those chains. 6 inches of snow here, light, fluffy powder, gives you an indication of how cold it is, even at kingdale where is conditions are fluffy and white. we first encountered this snow, even blow nyack, blue canyon
they did it redirecting the president's tweets and where the users ended up. >> and putting a tax on sugary drinks. just how much more you could pay for soda and other sweet drinks in san francisco. >> hey if you're going to the snow we have some information on chain requirements that you may want to hear. also hear the live look at some of your bay area roadways, this is highway 24 and more traffic just ahead. >> and mostly cloudy skies over us right now. could be a few light sprinkles and it looks better today but not much warmer. i'll have those cooler forecasted highs coming up. ♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. >>> welcome back. happening today, people in santa rosa still exprezzing grief and anger over the deadly shooting of a 13-year-old boy by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. ktvu channel 2 news channel 2 reporter alex savage joins us now from santa rosa. there's an event today, alex? >> reporter: well, anger certainly growing in this community and so is this memo
their season tomorrow in oakland. >>> time now is 6:40. putting a tax on sugary drinks? just how much more you could be paying for soda and other sweet drinks in san francisco. >> kids are allegedly not being allowed to play in the grass at a fremont apartment complex and federal officials are now slapping that complex with a lawsuit. we'll explain the reasoning. >> 680 near the grade is kind of a mess this morning after a multicar crash. we'll have an update for you. also here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and traffic moving well into san francisco. >>> welcome back. time now 6:43. a bay area apartment complex has caught the eye of the department of justice and it's being sued. it all has to do with allowing kids to play on the property. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live from fremont now with all the details. what's going on janine? >> reporter: i put in a call to the department of justice for more information but here's what we know. the department of justice is saying that the owners of the woodland apartment complex is being discriminatory towards some of the tenants here
. san francisco is the next city to try to put a soda tax on the ballot. why one supervisor thinks he can convince voters to support it. those stories new. >>> interesting. time now is 6:48. you have accidents popping in the east bay. >> that's right. we are going to show the worst problems now. it is a 2-car crash. two lanes are blocked. if we zoom closer to the hayward area, 80 southbound is not looking too great right now. it's going slow westbound, but the peninsula is looking good. looks like you are going to need an extra 20 minutes. the wind advisory is still across the span. let's check in with steve. >>> a very good good morning. the snow in the sierra nevada and some light snow and it's not much for those in santa cruz mountains. it's going to be a cool and breezy day. partly cloudy and there are plenty of breaks in the clouds right now and in the 40s and 30s. you the in the sierra there is snow there for today. 50s and 60s for highs for us. upper 50s. it's going to be in the higher elevation. snow level 5,000 feet. and we've had a foot of snow already. 39 eureka. 44 in sacr
will propose a new tax on sugary drinks. his plan increases the price of sodas and other sweet drinks by two cents an ounce. it would then cost 24 cents more and his proposal would have the money raised go for health and nutrition programs for children and teenagers. san francisco's supervisors are expected to approve the idea but it would still need voter approval. >>> the deadline for people to sign up for health insurance under the affordable health care act has been extended until march 31st. previously, the deadline for signing up was the middle of february. so that people would have health insurance in place by march 31st and avoid a penalty. but now as long as people sign up by march 31st they won't be fined. some republican lawmakers are calling for a one year postponements of the penalties americans will have to pay if they are uninsured. >>> the cost to build a new arena in san francisco keeps going up for the warriors. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the cost to rehabilitate the abling pieing could cost as much as $170 million. that's about $70 million more than origina
enrolled and avoid tax penalties. >>> britain and northern europe are recovering after overcoming a storm. wind gusts reached as high as 119 miles per hour. damage was widespread. hundreds of thousands of people lost power. and just trying to cross the street was a challenge for pedestrians. watch out. >>> we had a bit of wind this morning. the highs today they warmed into the mid-60s. numbers tomorrow are going to be very similar to these. not big changes. we're going to see lots of mid- and low 60s. that will probably match again tomorrow. 64, 65 degrees right in that range. so a very similar day tomorrow. we checked the radar real quick, you can see a few showers showing up. everything is moving up this way. all the activity in the foothills as that low tracks off is moving off to the east. the cool air is going to be in the area it already is. that's why the frost advisory is in effect or will go into effect tonight at 1:00 a.m. and for the north bay hills and that doesn't just mean frost in the hills. most likely you're going to see frost in the low laying valleys. i would not be sur
were ounce tax on sodas and sugary drinkings he says they are linked to a rice in obesity and diabetes, eric mar will introduce a similar measure in two weeks. >> a hall of fame football player just got back one of his profit prized possessions a- super bowl ring, wide receiver lance alworth won the super bowl with the cowboys but it was stolen, a woman called him while offering to sell the ring back to him, he called the sheriff's department tracked the ring to an auction next month. >> all of a sudden i had the ring back and it is like wow, you know you don't know how to react to be honest other than to say thank you for the work they did to to get it. >> the people claimed they got it from someone unable to pay back a loan, the district attorney has the case and will decide whether to pursue charges against them. >> 5:27, cheating at the toll bridge, a story you will only see here, more than a million people are going through not paying a dime, how they are doing it and why it is so hard to catch them. >> a deadly accident in sonoma county, we will tell you why investigators belie
including a growing economy and higher taxes on wealthy americans. >>> millions of people who use food stamps will see a cut in benefits tomorrow, the agriculture department says the payment for a family of 4 will shrink by 36 dollars a month, that is because a temporary boost from the stimulus bill is expiring. more than 47 million americans receive food stamps. >> time is 5:17, the fda says almost 7% of imported spices were contaminated with salmonella, the fda says more than 80 different types of salmonella were found during a three year period. it also says imported spices were twice as likely as other inspected foods to be contaminated. >> 5:17 is the time, we have sal back this morning. >> welcome back. >> thank you, dave, pam, you know it is good to be back here on my very long thursday and friday week of work but we will get through somehow. the traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound. it is a nice looking drive up to downtown oakland and you can see that the weather is clear as well. 580 looks good. driving this morning out
for help. which will further tax those services. >>> expect to picketers outside uc san francisco medical center in the next hour. pharmacists, registered nurses, and social workers plan to set up an informational picket line outside the hospital. scheduled workers will be on the job but the professional workers say they could go on strike unless the university withdraws its threat to cuts, pay, and benefits. similar pickets will be held at ucla, davis, irvine, and san diego medical centers. >>> the fbi now investigating a threatening note found on board a plane that took off from sfo. the united express flight was heading to san antoine know when it was diverted to phoenix. a crew member on board found the note in the bathroom. when the plane landed in phoenix passengers were taken off. they were questioned by police. the bomb squad checked out the plane but found nothing. the 43 passengers then got on a new flight that did arrive in texas late last night. >>> we're also finding out more about what caused a deadly 2011 plane crash in watsonville. the pilots decision to take off in foggy
: the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. turns out it's not even certain the government will stop buying your prescriptions or paying for new doctor visits long after you're dead. >> this is lack of oversight. lack of transparency. >> reporter: we learned in 2011 the government paid out $23 million in medicare payments on behalf of people who were dead. the department's auditors discovered some of that is because of bad info on when people passed away. most comes down to improper claims filed by doctors and healthcare providers. big question, was there fraud? did providers file claims for people they knew were dead? according to this report and hundreds of cases it looks like that answer is yes. >> they'll send in a claim, see if it gets paid. if it works, send another one in. maybe the next month, 10, 15, 20 until they get caught. >> reporter: david williams with the taxpayer protection license says it's a small number of companies and doctors working the system. >> you have people taking advantage of the system that is so big, so complex that they're not going to get c
closing wasteful tax loopholes and wants to protect education and road projects. >>> some visitor facilities remain closed after last month's shut down. this includes many of the rest rooms and camp dprownds found at the parks, litter removal and other maintenance has also been cut back. a spokesman for the army corp. of engineers said the resolution that ended the shut town didn't release all of the funds they need. he said it won't be fixed until congress passes a new budget. >> the obama administration said the health care website should be working smoothly by the end of the month. experts said they were able to make progress despite computer crashes. on thursday a house committee released documents showing only six people were able to enroll on october 1st but three million tried to access it. the white house said those numbers are unofficial and said it'll release a accurate count in a couple of weeks. >>> a health care plan in alameda has been removed. it was one of 12 options available on the exchange. it was removed because it failed to get a necessary state license by t
tuesday but they are expecting the turn out to be low. sales taxes, school board elections and bond measures dominate the ballots. one of the host hotly debated issues is on the ballot in san francisco, measure b, a proposal to build condos. >>> flattered but not ready to commit from hillary clinton on a endorsement. he said on saturday night 2016 is her time. polls show hillary clinton leading all candidates. they said she appreciated the gesture but said she hasn't made up her mind. >>> days after dianne feinstein spoke about reports on nsa spying on foreign leaders she spoke today about those who work in the agents. >> nsa -- i believe the nsa is filled with good people who do good things. the administration controls intelligence. the frame work is put together by the administration. it begins with -- >> on thursday dianne feinstein said she was opposed to gathering intelligence on foreign leaders. a day earlier she called to ask about a report that the u.s. was tapping her cell phone. said it was a grave brief of trust. >>> the application page for will go offline
? or the accountant that does your taxes or the mechanic that fixes your car? apple ceo tim cook is joining the cause. he wrote in the wall street journal saying we found when people feel valued for who they are, they have the comfort and confidence to do the best work of their lives. just how long has it been since congress moved on the gay rights legislation in we'll have that story for you coming up. >>> we have new information on l controversial profootball bullying incident involving a former football star from stanford. jonathan martin left the miami dolphins and still has not come back. his abrupt departure comes after several of his teammates pulled a cruel prank on him in the team cafeteria. the nfl network now reporting that dalton guard has been suspended indefinitely while the league and the dolphins investigate this allegations. >>> houston texans coach gary kubiak is recovering this morning. that was following that health scare on the football field. the coach collapsed just after halftime during last nights football game against the colts. wade phillips spoke after saying he collapsed.
that does your taxes or the mechanic that fixes your car? >>> there are new developments in the fights to stop one of the biggest evictions in san francisco history. the san francisco examiner reports the city has suspended a permit for renovations to an apartment building on market street. the building was being converted into office space after the city said it was not zoned for residential use and dozens of people now face eviction. >>> the oakland a's could be moving across the bay to play their home games at the home of the san francisco giants. alex savidge is joining us live. he is at at & t park to tell us what is behind this stunning news for bay area baseball fans. >> i have to tell you we already choked in with oakland a's fans and they do not like the idea of watching their team move across the bay to play their games here at at & t park in san francisco. but according to a report from the san francisco chronicle there is a very real possibility that this could happen in the next couple of years. now the issue here is coliseum officials haven't been able to reach a short-te
false tax returns. now, in a concession to their two school-aged children, the judge allowed the jacksons to stagger their prison sentence. >>> the company that makes siracco's chili sauce is being sued. they are in irwindale. the city says the irwin dale claims there has been complaints from residents about the smell coming from the victory. >>> scott wiener plans to propose a new tax on shoe ari drinks. this would increase the price of sodas and sweet drinks by two cents. though a 12-ounce bottle will cost an additional 24 cents. san francisco supervisors are expected to approve the idea but voters would have to give their okay as well. >>> a cleaning crew on a plane in dubai found almost $2 million in gold in a bathroom on a jet at the dubai airport. police were called. they seized 70 pounds of gold. a british newspaper says custom officials think the person carrying the gold abandoned it because there were a lot of police around and they didn't want to be arrested. the paper also adds crews have found more than 660 pounds of precious metals on 1 hun pleans so far -- 100 p
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